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May 30, 2008


Seriously, are we trying to put people in a zoo. These are human beings, why are we deliberately trying to keep them from food, education, technologies, and other positive impacts within the world. It is like we are trying to treat them like animals and protect a separate species the way this is written. I wholeheartedly disagree with ostracizing them from society and believe measured engaement allowing them the benefits of who we are as a civilization across all continents would enrich life for them and posterity. To continue with a lack of engagement would relegate them to a lack of opportunity for them and their children's future to adapt to the current world with the amazing benefits we have achieved as a human race. There are drawbacks, but to say that life is better for people in huts and in a a constant state of self-preservation for individual life is to say that as a race we have regressed over the last thousands of years and what we do today is not a benefit to the race as a whole.

I completely disagree with the first comment. Firstly because uncontacted peoples in South America do not have immunity from diseases brought from Europe. How would it benefit them to be wiped out?

According to what I've read they have put their settlements deep into the forest so obviously they are not interested in joining the outside world. Why should they be forced into our consumerist hierarchical society if they are content with their traditional life?

I agree with Alan... and I stopped reading what Dan had to say after the fourth line. We get it!
This is their way of life. All that they have ever known. They don't know what they are "missing" since they've never experienced it. They're content and obviously doing well on their own since they're clearly alive and present. Let it be.

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